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Last year the Springfield Museum of Art looked to its members for suggestions on how to deal with a budget shortfall. Now a new collaboration with Wittenberg University will provide new opportunities for students and more financial sustainability for the museum.

Wittenberg will purchase the museum facility and lease part of the space back to the Springfield Museum of Art.

Museum Director Angus Randolph says that this will help put the focus back on the art.

Filmmaker Andy Copp on Kaleidoscope

May 13, 2010

Local filmmaker Andy Copp joins Juliet Fromholt in the studio to talk about his latest documentary Ink and Flesh. It tells the story of Reverend Chad Wells, a Dayton tattoo artist, and his experience as an artist living and working in Dayton. 

Conrad Balliet reads Ed Davis' poem, "The Blind Poet."

Conrad Balliet reads Barbara Astor's poems, "Where We Shall Live" and "Passage."

Conrad Balliet reads Rita Coleman's poem, "The Nature of Poets."

Conrad Balliet reads Julie Moore's poem, "Problem With School."

Conrad Balliet reads David Garrison's poem, "Fixing."

Conrad Balliet reads Cathy Essinger's poem, " Subject - Verb- Object."


The Los Angeles based a capella group known as Sonos stops by WYSO to chat with Niki Dakota and perform live on Excursions.

Sonos consists of 6 well trained vocalists who met while attending school in Southern California (each of them studying Music). Sonos combines a classical background with contemporary vocal stylings including beat-boxing and electronic modification to create an exciting modern sound that has its roots in the fundamentals of vocal choir.

Conrad Balliet reads Myrna Stone's poem, "In Praise of Cows."