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This book is the debut in a new crime fiction series set in Columbus. Roxane Weary is a private eye with lots of issues. Her dad was a hard drinking cop who died recently while fighting crime. The two of them didn't get along. His sudden death has left his daughter with unresolved "Daddy" issues. He drank a lot. So does she. Her love life is a mess, too. Her father's demise has even served to complicate that aspect of her existence. Business is bad.

Sharon Lane, Rich Reuter, Kyleen Downes, and Tim Pritchard joined Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt live in the WYSO studios for a preview of the 2017 Miami Valley Music Fest.  

Miami Valley Music Fest is July 21 and 22 at the Troy Eagles Campground.  More information below:

Mary Jo White reads her poem, "Advice to the Lovelorn."

Antioch College

In 1968 an eighteen-year-old youth named Bill Newman arrived in Yellow Springs to begin his freshman year at Antioch College. Bill's first Antioch co-op education experience took place in New York City. He was supposed to return to Antioch after three months but the experience he was having in New York was so thrilling and important to him that he ended up staying away for nine months.

Steve Broidy reads his poem, "Patch of Wetlands."

There are quite a few memoirs being published. Every famous rock star from 50 years ago seems to have written one. At least, the ones who are still alive. Many of the memoirs that are coming out were penned by people who never have had a hit on the Top 40. People like you and me. We have stories to tell, too!

This is a time when some of us are feeling desensitized. The 24 hour news cycle churns out the latest shocking and outrageous reports. There's a blurring sensation that takes place. Books can give us a sanctuary, temporary cocoons to shelter us from all of this brouhaha.

Over the years that I have been hosting this program I cannot recall ever feeling like I could declare that a particular book is the hottest book of the summer. Well, I'm pleased to be able to finally say that this is it; "The Force" by Don Winslow is the hottest book of the summer and perhaps will prove to be the hottest book of 2017.

David Garrison reads Albino Carrillo's poem, "Twilight in Hatch, New Mexico."

Ahead of their solo performances at Bellefontaine's Brewfontaine, M. Ross Perkins and Zach Gabbard (Buffalo Killers) spoke with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt about touring, recording, upcoming releases and more.

M. Ross Perkins and Zach Gabbard will perform at Brewfontaine, 211 S. Main Street in Bellefontaine, on Thursday, July 13th.

Now in its second year, Springsfest prepares to return to Yellow Springs for another day of music, food and craft beer.  Jacob Diebold of Speaking Suns and Rory Papania from Gap Tooth Grin visited the WYSO studios for a live acoustic preview on Kaleidoscope.  They were joined by festival organizer Conor Stratton, who talked about the overall event.

Springsfest 2017 is Saturday, July 8th at the John Bryant Center in Yellow Springs.  Tickets and more information at: www.springsfestival.com