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Myrna Stone reads her poem, "Luz Bones."

Lori Gravley reads her poem, "Dawn."

Conrad Balliet reads James Brooks' poem, "Gliding."

Many books have been written about President John F. Kennedy. His martyrdom in 1963 in Dallas virtually assured that his brief life would be examined and remembered. If he was still alive he would have just celebrated his 100th birthday.

David Garrison reads his poem, "Light in the River."

Véronique Allaer, from the Cincinnati-based trio Leggy, visited the WYSO studios ahead of the band's Dayton performance at the Yellow Cab.  She performed live on Excursions and talked with WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota.

Leggy will perform at the Yellow Cab in downtown Dayton on Saturday, June 10th with the Harlequins, Brat Curse and Oh Condor.  

A lot has changed in the book publishing industry over the last 20 years. When I was hosting this program during the 1990's we had many authors coming through the region on book tours. Publishers would send authors out to promote their books regardless of whether they were well known or completely unknown. Those were different times.

Scott Raab is a hardcore Cleveland sports fan. He endured decades of torture watching Cleveland's football, basketball, and baseball franchises failing to win championships year after year. When local basketball legend LeBron James signed on with the Cleveland Cavaliers Raab was confident that Cleveland's long history of sports failure would soon be over. But it wasn't. If anything it only got worse.

Julie Moore reads Cathy Essinger's poem, "Patching the Sky."

Ulter Nation is the second full length album from Dayton-based duo Dirty/Clean.  Josh Egeland and Jay Madewell made a return visit to the WYSO studios to talk with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt about the album, its influences, other collaborations/musical projects and more.

Ulter Nation is available at Omega Music in downtown Dayton and GameSwap Kettering or online at: http://dirtycleanmusik.bandcamp.com/

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