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The Collaboratory's Peter Benkendorf returned to the WYSO studios ahead of the season opening for the 3rd Sundays at Front Street Outdoor Market.  He talked about the indoor and outdoor events at Front Street each third Sunday of the month and gave a preview of Dayton Porchfest 2018, happening in August in St. Anne's Hill.  

The 3rd Sundays at Front Street Outdoor Market is the third Sunday of each month beginning April 15. Learn more here:

Laura Lippman's latest novel is a standalone noir that pays tribute to the work of the legendary James M. Cain. Lippmann got the theme for this one in part from a newspaper story that ran during her days as a journalist in Baltimore. During this interview she tiptoed around what that news story was actually about because knowing what it discussed would have been a bit of a spoiler

Carol Stoner reads her poem, "Fax Machine Love"

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "Florida Boy 1969"

Audrey Hackett reads her poem, "Life Together."

It is always a pleasure to interview an author who is making a literary debut with the publication of that first book. It is even more special when that author is someone you remember as a youth rambling the streets of your own town. Recently I had that experience when I conducted this interview with Moriel Rothman-Zecher.

Here's the review of his novel that I wrote for the Cox Ohio newspapers:

Cincinnati band Colly will visit Yellow Springs as part of their spring tour.  Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt spoke with vocalist Jake Hollen and drummer Andrew Hopkins ahead of their visit about recording, touring and more.

Colly will perform at Peach's Grill in Yellow Springs on Saturday, April 7. Learn more at:


Electro Cult Circus

Electro Cult Circus made their Kaleidoscope debut, performing a stripped down set live in the WYSO studios.  The band talked with host Juliet Fromholt about their long history, collaboration with other types of performers and more.

Learn more about Electro Cult Circus at:

Janeal Ravndal reads Stella Ling's poem, "C Minor"

T.J. Turner returned to the program to discuss the second book in his series that imagines an alternate history of our American Civil War. In the first book "Lincoln's Bodyguard," the author created a story line in which President Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated at Ford's Theater in April, 1865. Instead, Lincoln had been saved by his bodyguard who is also the main protagonist in the first book and in this new one "Land of Wolves."