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Every Sunday morning on WYSO Weekend host Jerry Kenney brings you the news of issues, interviews, arts and cultural events from across the Miami Valley.  WYSO Weekend is WYSO's Radio Magazine.

In this week's edition of WYSO Weekend: Community Voices producer Jocelyn Robinson looks at the uncertain future of Kids HIV Camps, and we’ll hear the lineup of films in this year’s Dayton LGBT Film Festival. Later in the program, Bill Felker with Poor Will’s Miami Valley Almanack.

In this week's edition of WYSO Weekend: It’s all about kids. Well, mostly about kids.  Kids growing up in slums and where life takes them, kids Rocking the Walk for Alzheimer's. Kids getting empowered and recognized for their talents, and talented kids performing on a hundred year old stage. See full details below.

In this edition if WYSO Weekend you’ll hear about a program that’s helping parents protect their children and about Dayton’s upcoming Child Safety Week. We have Community Voices and WYSO’s occasional arts series Culture Couch. And we’ll begin introducing you to some of the speakers for this years TEDX-Dayton Conference coming up in October. See full program details below.


In this edition of WYSO Weekend: Community Voices producer Marika Snider talks with two local artists about finding their Third Space. WYSO’s Lewis Wallace looks at Ohio’s economy as it stands this Labor Day weekend.  Also today we’ve got some speacial guests in studio from the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions. And a compilation of our series Deconstructing Race. See the full program details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features: Dayton History is now celebrating 10 years of historic preservation at Carillon Park.  We’ll talk with President and CEO Brady Kress about some major accomplishments in the last decade, and what’s next for the organization.  We’ll also hear about a new arts program kicking off at the Dayton Metro Library. See details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features: The Dwight Anderson Story comes to the Kroc Center in Dayton this week. Anderson was considered a high school basketball phenomenon at Roth in the 1970’s. He went on to the NBA and then almost lost it all.  We’ll find out how technology is helping students with disabilities, and the new challenges it brings them. And where does your recycling go?  We’ll answer that question and more in our program.

Thanks for joining us on WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features. Today’s program is all about education and conservation. First we'll look at three conservation efforts taking place at Antioch College. In our newest series, Culture Couch, producer Dan Gummel tells us all about Project Jericho’s Summer Arts Camp in Springfield. And Community Voices producer Ron Solada reports how College Promise is providing a free college education for academically gifted children from poverty affected families here in the Miami Valley. See more details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend - the home of YSO produced news and features - WYSO Curious takes a look at the history and future of the Dayton Arcade. Community Voices producer Thomas Amrhein spotlights one Yellow Springs couple and their reaction following the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan 70 years ago.  Details on these stories and more, below.

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, the home of WYSO produced news and features. On today’s program, climate commentary from Bob Brecha, and a conversation with WYSO’s Basim Blunt about our series Dayton Youth Radio.  Plus, Community Voices producer Kevin McGruder looks at student unrest on the campus of Wilberforce University in the late 1960s. See full details below.

Thanks for checking out WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features. On today’s program Miami Valley StoryCorps and Dayton Youth Radio. Later in the program, there are more than 1,300 disabled artists who work with We Care Arts in Kettering, Ohio every year. Coming up, Community Voices producer Jason Reynolds will bring us a day-in-the-life-profile of one of those artists. See full details below.