WYSO Weekend

Sunday, 10-10:30am

Every Sunday morning on WYSO Weekend host Jerry Kenney brings you the news of issues, interviews, arts and cultural events from across the Miami Valley.  WYSO Weekend is WYSO's Radio Magazine.

On today’s WYSO Weekend, Dayton Youth Radio, WYSO Curious and our occasional arts series, Culture Couch. Later in the program, you’ll hear about some local citizens who provide freedoms rides to animals in need, and up first, the next in our series Women's Voices From The Dayton Correctional Institution. See Details Below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: WYSO’s locally produced American Graduate stories from our series, What's Next. And we’ll end the program with an American Graduate extra featuring the Stivers School for the Arts Senior Chorus. We start the program with an interview with Terry DeMio, a reporter with The Cincinnati Enquirer.

On this edition of WYSO Weekend: Dayton Youth Radio, and you’ll hear about a new office for males of color opened up by the Dayton Public School district. And later in the program, how DP&L is helping customers save energy and money! We've also got Bill Felker with Poor Will's Almanack. See full details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: Several local groups are celebrating anniversaries—we’ll tell you about those. And this week we have the next story in our series Women’s Voices: From the Dayton Correctional Institution. See full details below.

On today’s WYSO Weekend: The first segment in our New series Women’s Voices: from the Dayton Correctional Institution. We’ve got this week’s edition of Culture Couch and Aviation Commentary from Dan Patterson.

On this week's program: Culture Couch, our occasional arts and culture series looks at Teaching Shakespeare -  400 years of the famous writer’s death. We’ve got Dayton Youth Radio and more audio from the WYSO archives to share in Rediscovered Radio.

On this WYSO Weekend:  Dayton City Commissioner Jeffrey Mims Jr. shares his thoughts on a plan we told you about last week that would merge the Montgomery County and City of Dayton governments.  Later in the program we’ll hear from the director of a program designed to get fathers back into the lives of their children and we’ll meet one father who going through that process now. See full details below.

On today’s program, WYSO’s occasional Arts Series – Culture Couch.  Today we’ll  hear about a unique art studio in Springfield and the work they’re doing. We’ll also hear the first story in season two of Dayton Youth Radio. Also on today’s program, poet, educator, and activist, Sonia Sanchez. Finally, WYSO Music Director, Niki Dakota, is back with a few guests from Excursions this week to tell us about an upcoming charity event where participants duke it out for a good cause. See full details below.

On today’s WYSO Weekend we’ve got Culture Couch – this week Lauren Shows looks at the Victoria Theatre as it celebrates 150 years. Community Voices Producer, Jason Reynolds, continues his report on Vietnam Veteran turned anti-war protester Barry Romo in Rediscovered Radio, and WYSO Music Director, Niki Dakota, talks TechFest with her special guest on Excursions.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: