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In 1940, the Federal Writers Project produced a massive book detailing the scenic treasures and everyday life along Ohio’s roads - roads that went through the big cities as well as through farmland and tucked-away places. Seventy years later, the roads have changed and the pulse of the people is different – in some places. Picking up where the Federal Writers Project left off, the Ohio Humanities Council has announced the launch of the Road Trip! radio series and The New Ohio Guide Audio Tours at This new guide takes those older routes and gives them a 21st century twist, recreating them as free downloadable audio tours, and the Road Trip! radio series.




Road Trip Series
10:49 am
Sun May 13, 2012

New Ohio Guide: Magee Marsh

Flickr Creative Commons user Clinton Little

Along the Lake Erie shoreline about halfway between Toledo and Sandusky is Ohio’s Marsh Region which includes the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh Wildlife Refuge. During April and May it is one of the most popular bird watching sites in North America.

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Road Trip Series
10:30 am
Sun May 6, 2012

New Ohio Guide: Huffman Prairie

Huffman prairie does not look like much at first. There are no museums or monuments in sight, not many buildings either. In fact, it looks pretty much like a prairie. But this place oozes history in a way few places can. This is where powered flight became practical, where the plane could be controlled and flights didn’t end with faces full of dirt anymore. Huffman is also part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park and here we meet ranger Bob Peterson.

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Statewide News
10:35 am
Sun April 29, 2012

An Introduction to the Road Trip Series

Published in 1940, the first Ohio Guide introduced travelers to Ohio’s roadways. The Ohio Humanities Council has given that travel standard a 21st century spin with The New Ohio Guide. We’ll take you on some of those tours during our weekly Road Trip! series.

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