The Midnight Ramble

Saturday, 10pm-midnight

On the Midnight Ramble, you get an opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the highways and byways in the history of country music, finding old gems that no one plays anymore and giving them new life.  You may discover that these old songs and tunes have an intrinsic value that belies their age and their obscurity.  For instance, you may be pleased to find a still vital fiddling tradition that has maintained links to generations of fiddlers past – a part of American culture that should not be forgotten or abandoned.  Or, perhaps you may unearth a bit of old popular culture that, through the poetry of its lyrics or the cry of its steel guitar, can still articulate a world-view that has not lost its impact in this age of high-tech cultural consolidation.  Or, by listening to these old tunes, you may simply gain some insight to why we are the way we are today (positive and negative).  For, as always in the human condition, when you take time to observe the past, you become more informed about the present, and may even gain some insight into the path of the future.

Whether it is only for the occasional few minutes at home; during an extended car ride down the road; or you just like to leave your radio on when you go to bed on a Saturday night:  take a listen to the Midnight Ramble.  You may be surprised at how addicting these old country sounds can be! 

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3:35 pm
Sat September 4, 2010

Red Spurlock Live on the Midnight Ramble

Red Spurlock

Legendary bluegrass banjo player Red Spurlock joins Tom Duffee in the WYSO studios to share songs and stories from his career including first coming to Dayton in the 1950s and meeting fellow musician Red Allen. 

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