Hall of Fame Blues

Monday, 8 - 11pm

It's hard to recall a time when I didn't listen to Blues music.

Oh sure, I can remember the pop onslaught of the early 50s,and it was fine because that's all I knew. Things changed in rapid succession after I received a transistor radio somewhere towards the middle of that decade.

One night I was twisting the dial and stumbled across WLAC 1510 am in Nashville. After 9pm the station became a 50,000-watt "clear channel" voice which meant that it operated without any other stations,east of the Mississippi River on that frequency. It was a strong signal in more ways than one! Characters with names like "Big Hugh" and "John R" filled up the airwaves with great soul & blues performers whose music was every bit as funky as the personalities that spun the discs.

The "Wolf," "Muddy," "T-Bone," "Jimmy Reed," "BB," "Elmore" – these colorful figures became a part of my adolescent musical lexicon. I've never outgrown those players.

I've added many to the list through the years, but the magic they presented to me oh so long ago is as sweetly intangible to me today as it was way back when. I'm still a professional guitarist playing the music that I love, and for the many years I'm doubly blessed by being able to play this great American art form we call "The Blues" on WYSO on a program known as the "Hall Of Fame" show Monday nights at 8.

On one little promo I stated that we would "take you to the four corners of the blues, and check out all it's different hues," and that's what we try to do, with our focus being on the classic "Hall Of Fame "performers.

I'm proud to be a part of "Public Radio for the Miami Valley" and am eternally thankful to you, the listener, for affording the support to keep the "H of F" program alive and kickin' through all those years.

Keep it "locked" as they say, 'cause if you do, we'll keep the Blues coming at ya!

Thanks again,
"Shakin Dave" Hussong

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11:05 am
Wed November 26, 2014

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