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If you've grown tired of marching to everyone else's drummer, tired of others telling you what is good or bad, tired of following fads and you feel like you're wondering through a sterile desolate landscape of music that seems to lack purpose, relevance or any aspect of meaning for you, then you're ready to take a journey with me--a detour. We can avoid the fast lane and journey down back roads to places less known and less traveled. Along the way you might find yourself laughing, crying, singing along-it can be a time out, a break.  Who knows what wonders, what adventures you might find along the way.  The music on Detours is an eclectic mix of Celtic, Folk, Singer-songwriter, Old Time, Early Country - just a little of everything.

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Arts & Culture
3:43 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

Heywood Banks Bring Humor To The WYSO Studios

Heywood Banks

Comedian and songwriter Heywood Banks made a stop in Yellow Springs on his way to a two day engagement at Wiley's Comedy Club in downtown Dayton.  Banks joined Norm Whitman and Cindy Funk in the WYSO studios during Detours for an afternoon of songs, stories and lots of laughs.

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Arts & Culture
3:57 pm
Sun October 20, 2013

Daniel Coston on Documenting the Lives of North Carolina Musicians in Image and Words

Daniel Coston is a writer and photographer who's been working with musicians for many years, in particular, those in his home state of North Carolina. In his book, North Carolina Musicians: Photographs and Conversations, Coston documents the likes of The Avett Brothers, Si Kahn, Doc Watson and many other.  Coston visited the WYSO studios for a conversation with Detours host Norm Whitman about the stories behind the book and its subjects.

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2:57 pm
Sun September 29, 2013

Si Kahn On Bristol Bay, Bluegrass and the Joys of Retirement

Musician and activist Si Kahn returns to Detours in a phone conversation with Norm Whitman following a busy summer during which Kahn released two albums, Bristol Bay and Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions on which he's joined by the Looping Brothers.  All of this happened after Kahn's retirement.  Whitman and Kahn discuss the stories and causes behind the albums, environmental and social issues and folk and bluegrass music in the mainstream.

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12:01 pm
Sun September 16, 2012

Chris Proctor Live on Detours

Chris Proctor performing live on WYSO
Cindy Funk

Chris Proctor is a United State Fingerstyle Guitar champion known for his combination of folk, blues, jazz and classical.  He joined Detours host Norm Whitman for some live music in the WYSO studio ahead of his performance at Antioch College's Herndon Gallery. 

WYSO Programming Notes
3:09 pm
Tue March 22, 2011

Host Highlights: Norm Whitman

Host highlights features conversations between WYSO Music Director, Niki Dakota and WYSO's volunteer hosts about their programs, how they came to WYSO, etc. This week, Niki chats with Norm Whitman of Detours.  They talk about how fellow host Cindy Funk introduced him to the station as a listener and his early days as a host.

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