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Susan Wright: The Mother Of Flight

May 11, 2018
Susan Catherine Koerner Wright
Carillon Historical Park

The story of Wilbur and Orville Wright has been told countless times. Two completely self-taught, self-funded brothers invent the airplane in the back of their West Dayton bike shop. The world was never the same. But the story of the Wright brothers’ background is even more unorthodox than it seems. In the late 1800s, during the heart of the Victorian Era, the Wright brothers’ mother inspired their mechanical aptitude. Community Voices producer Leo DeLuca has a story about Susan Catherine Koerner Wright.

Miriam Mushtalova
Basim Blunt / WYSO

There's a large Turkish refugee community in Dayton, some were exiled from Russia several years ago. For today's Dayton Youth Radio producer, balancing the old traditions with the new is doable. Until one family, a big one, showed up for tea.

My name is Miriam. I am 17 years old. I go to Stivers School for the Arts. I was born in Russia, raised in the US. Many immigrant families know how difficult it is to grow up in America.

Senior Voices: Millie Lyons

May 9, 2018
Millie Lyons
Senior Voices

Millie Lyons was just a year old when her dad died in 1923. Her mom was left with five young  children. There was no social security system back then, and Millie’s mom needed to work to support the family. Millie says her earliest memory is being in a crib at the Pythian Children’s Home in Springfield. It was a tough start, but she and her siblings found plenty of ways to have fun, as she told Community Voices interviewer Alan Staiger.


DaMarion Spencer
Basim Blunt / WYSO

In the Bible's book of Romans, apostle Paul talks about the struggle, between his spiritual life and the desires of his earthly body. Children raised in a religious home often face challenges to their beliefs as they become teenagers. Today's Dayton Youth Radio story from DaMarion Spencer helps us remember that even Jesus and the disciples were teenagers.

I play multiple positions in baseball like second base and pitcher. I love music, and I’m a very religious teenager.

Senior Voices: Cheryl Grimes

May 2, 2018

Today on Senior Voices, we meet Cheryl Grimes, who moved to Dayton in the late ‘60s after graduating college. She remembers the businesses owned by her entrepreneurial family in the small town of Laurel, Mississippi, where she began working in 1950, at the tender age of three. Cheryl spoke with Metro Library volunteer interviewer, Jason Coatney-Schuler.


Malina Hampshire
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Most of us know our culture's classic myths and fairytales about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Little Red Riding Hood: But how does it feel when a young person learns the truth about the stories handed down from generation to generation. This week on Dayton Youth Radio we'll find out from one teenager who has some strong feelings about how parents lovingly mislead their kids.

Taking A Seat At The Cedarville Liar's Table

Apr 26, 2018
Paul, Denny, Mike, and Dean are regulars at the Cedarville Liar's Table
Renee Wilde / WYSO

The term Liar’s Club dates back to the late 1800’s. It describes small groups of friends, usually men, who get together at local pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants to hang out and gossip about the local community, and discuss world events.

Producer Renee Wilde met with a group of retired farmers at their local liars table at Beans-n-Cream in Cedarville, Ohio.

The sign above the table says, Hunters, fishermen and other liars frequent this table. Sit down and stay awhile, you might learn something.

Senior Voices: Veda Renshaw

Apr 25, 2018

Today on Senior Voices, we meet 87-year-old Veda Renshaw who lives in West Dayton and took part in Rebuilding Together Dayton’s Fixit Kit Program, a project that provides home rehabilitation for low-income seniors, so they can stay in their homes and live in warmth, safety and independence.  Veda who moved to Dayton from Springfield in 1978, and she’s staying put, as she told Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer Alan Staiger.


Senior Voices: Viola Wheeler

Apr 25, 2018

Today on Senior Voices, we need Viola Wheeler who wants to remain in her home on Dayton’s West Side, where she’s lived for over four decades. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Viola came to Dayton in 1955. She spoke with Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer Audrey Ingram about why she wants to stay in her home.


Audrey Ingram (AI): Did you raise your kids in this home we’re in today? So how long have you been in this house then?

Camrin O’Flaherty
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Young writers are often advised to "write what you know," and we've found that the young people of Dayton Youth Radio do just that.  In the beginning of our radio class, project coordinator Basim Blunt holds a microphone and tells the students that they can ask anyone anything. Today, Centerville High School student Camrin O'Flaherty asks her mom for some answers.