WYSO Weekend: September 22, 2013

Sep 23, 2013

In this edition of WYSO Weekend...

In the news wrap, you’ll hear about steps WPAFB officials are taking in the wake of the Naval Base shootings in Washington D.C.

You’ll also hear the latest housing numbers for the Dayton region, including 6500 vacant and blighted structures in the city that still need to come down.  In the last few years, national and state programs have been helping cities like Dayton tear down these homes, but those funding sources may be drying up. 

Meanwhile, vacant properties are also keeping city workers busy. WYSO’s Lewis Wallace reports demolition or not, abandoned lots are extra work.

In this week's Politics Ohio, Emily McCord speaks with Lewis Wallace about ucpoming changes to the SNAP food stamp program.

WYSO's Wayne Baker reports that after years of fundraising, a statue will be erected this weekend by the old South High School in Springfield to honor boxing legend Davey Moore 50 years after his death.

Springfield's Davey Moore Statue
Credit Wayne Baker

There are more than 2,100 students enrolled this fall in Wright State University’s undergrad engineering and computer science degree programs.  And thanks to a curriculum change the university initiated several years ago, Wright State says students now have a higher chance of completing those programs than ever before.  To find out more about the program, Jerry Kenney spoke with Professor Nathan Klingbeil, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Wright State.

Cooler temperatures are setting in and with the change of seasons, we look to our very own Bill Felcker to tell us about the natural world in Poor Will's Almanack.