WYSO Weekend: May 11, 2014

May 12, 2014

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

  • Hauer Music Building: The musical instruments recently on display here are gone, and after 75 years, the old Hauer Music Store is mostly empty. But not for long: As early as mid-May, construction crews will begin renovating the building, making it ready for about 50 Dayton Metro Library employees.
  • This spring new student achievement tests based on standards known as Common Core are getting their first test drive in many school districts throughout Ohio. The standards, which emphasize analytical thinking over rote memorization, were developed by education professionals from around the country. They were rolled out in 2010, and the resulting new Common Core ASSESSMENTS are now in the field-testing stage… StateImpact Ohio's Bill Rice dropped in on Lorain City Schools (in Northeast Ohio) - to find out how THEY'VE fared "testing the tests."
  • The first new memorial in decades on the Statehouse grounds is just a few weeks away from being completed. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler checked in with those who’ve been working on bringing the project to Capitol Square.
  • Today on ReInvention Stories, we make a final visit to Trotwood and meet Jason and Angela Shelton. They were both teachers who decided to reinvent themselves as small business owners. WYSO’s Juliet Fromholt has their story.
  • Spring is roofing season – time to check your roof for damage it may have sustained during the winter.  Near the banks of the Great Miami River in Dayton, a man is making an unusual roof this spring, using materials most that most people would never consider. Community Voices producer Renee Wilde has our story.
  • Reporter Lewis Wallace talks with Juliet Fromholt for this month's edition.  
  • When thinking about how much we are willing to do to prevent climate change, University of Dayton professor Bob Brecha wonders if we worry too much about economics alone.
  • Bill Felker with this week's Poor Will's Miami Valley Almanack.