WYSO Weekend: July 6, 2014

Jul 7, 2014

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

  • Baseball is called THE great American pastime, if you’ve ever seen a Dayton Dragons game, you know the truth in that statement.  On this 4th of July weekend WYSO’s Wayne Baker reports that our hometown minor league team has been sold to three investors, who have backgrounds in banking and pro sports. The sale of the team came at a price tag of nearly $40 million.
  • This year marks the 20th anniversary of Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse. It’s been called “children’s theater for adults” with topical themes, sophisticated humor, and clever songs. This year’s show, Superhuman Happiness, adapts the Greek myths of Ovid’s Metamorphosis to explore the role of change in kids’ lives today. The playhouse and artistic director John Fleming also face some major changes. Community Voices producer David Seitz has their story.
  • A more serious story for Dayton, and many cities across the country, that emerged this week came from local hospitals that say this year, more than a hundred babies born will be affected by heroin. It’s a direct result of an overall increase in heroin use. Last week, at Wright State University, a community forum was held to deal with the rising numbers of pregnant women becoming addicted to opiate drugs.  One panelist was very familiar with the drug. 
  • We continue our look at the rise of heroin use in "Call and Response" where we spotlight ideas and conversations from our region's African American and Hispanic communities.  Our host for this segment is Dr. Daryl Ward.
  • Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will's Miami Valley Almanack.