WYSO Weekend: April 6, 2014

Apr 7, 2014

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

Credit National Weather Service

  • On April 3rd, l974 people in Xenia saw black smoke rising, like a wall.... And then the wall started turning, in slow motion. And they knew what was coming.... This week WYSO rembered the 74 tornado with eyewitness accounts from survivors. Our week long series, “Remembering the Xenia Tornado: 40 years Later,” produced by Community Voices producer Alan Staiger with audio collected from the Greene County Public Library oral history project is presented here in its entirety. 

  • Today on ReInvention Stories, we visit Trotwood, west of Dayton, which has undergone dramatic change in recent years with the closure of the Salem Mall. There’s a home for teenage mothers in Trotwood, part of a non-profit called The Mustard Seed Foundation. It’s a place where mothers can live with their babies as they try and build a stable future. It was founded by a former teen mom Shondale Atkinson, whose own reinvention is where the story of the Mustard Seed Foundation begins. 
  • 101 years ago this week, it rained in Dayton. And rained some more. And it kept on raining. It was the Great Dayton Flood. Today though, because of a man named Arthur E. Morgan, communities from Piqua to Hamilton have little to fear from the rising floodwaters of the Great Miami River.