WYSO Weekend: April 13, 2014

Apr 14, 2014

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

  • In 2004, Ohio voters approved a statewide ban on gay marriage – defining marriage as between one man and one woman.. The law says same-sex marriages can’t be performed in Ohio, and legal marriages performed in other states won’t be recognized. Now, a federal judge says part of that law is unconstitutional, and he’s expected to issue a ruling Monday striking it down.
  • The issue of gay marriage has many fronts, and two Ohio organizations advocating for same-sex marriage are traveling the state to get their message out –Equality Ohio and Why Marriage Matters.  Michael Premo is with Why Marriage Matters.  Host Jerry Kenney spoke to him at last week’s town hall meeting in Dayton.  First – a bit about the organization.
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency hired a third party to conduct a public forum Wednesday night in Springfield to discuss the agency's plan to cleanup the Tremont City Landfill. As WYSO's Wayne Baker reports, several residents showed up to voice their displeasure concerning the EPA's decision to rebury some of the waste and empty drums at the site instead of removing it all.
  • Also last week – the Dayton Development Coalition sponsored their 30th annual Washington Fly-in.  About a hundred community and civic leaders flew into Washington to promote the Gem City.  Michael Gessel is with the coalition. I spoke with him on Day two of the trip. 
  • Under Construction – WYSO’s Lewis Wallace reports on another pro-Dayton effort that took place this week.
  • The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce opened its doors 26 years ago this April. Rediscovered Radio’s Jocelyn Robinson found historic audio in the WYSO Archives, and offers now a look at how the museum has fared over the years.
  • Reinvention Stories