Wolfenbarger Nominated As Air Force's First Woman Four-Star General

Feb 6, 2012

President Obama has nominated a graduate of Beavercreek high school to become the Air Force’s first female four star general. Lieutenant General Janet Wolfenbarger would serve as commander of the Air Force Material Command at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. According to Air Force Spokesman Matthew Stine, Wolfenbarger would succeed Donald Hoffman, who plans to retire this year. The Senate must first approve the confirmation.

Wolfenbarger currently works in the Pentagon as the military deputy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition. She’s responsible for research and development of its aircraft and weapons programs.

Wolfenbarger joined the Air Force in 1980, after graduation from the AirForce Academy, the first class to include women. She’s held a number of assignments at Wright Patterson Air Force during her career. In 2009, Wolfenbarger went from Major General to Lieutenant General in less than 6 months.

An Air Force statement calls her nomination part of an exciting time that honors generations of female Airmen.