Winner Announced In Clark County Commissioner's Race

Dec 5, 2012

The Clark County Commissioners race is finally over. WYSO's Wayne Baker reports that Republican Kyle Koehler has conceded the race to Democrat David Hartley after results of a mandatory recount were released.

Baker: On election night nearly one month ago, Koehler was called the winner of the race over the incumbent Hartley by 205 votes. But after provisional ballots were counted late last week, Hartley staged a comeback and surged into the lead by a little over 250 votes. Board of Elections Director Matthew Tlachac says a recount was conducted and Hartley has been certified as the winner.

Tlachac: We will do a post audit after the recount and that is just kind of an assessment period where you look through and make sure that the count was accurate. We are confident that are numbers are going to stay the same. And the recount is obviously a critical component in the Democratic process to ensure that everything is done in a fair, above board and transparent way.

B: Koehler has accepted the recount results and has officially conceded the race. Final vote totals will be announced on Friday. For WYSO, I'm Wayne Baker reporting.