What's Great in Dayton: November 11 - 17, 2011

Nov 11, 2011

The Dayton Philharmonic has three gigs this weekend and Saturday they are with Three Dog Night…..check it out at Daytonphilharmonic.com

And tonight our hockey team the Dayton Gems are honoring American veterans. They are doing a special ticket offer and tributes during the game.

If you love to see all kind of wood carvings then Saturday and Sunday at the Dayton Airport Expo there is a really big show. You can see all about it at daytoncarvers.com

And if you are a fun, energetic, and enthusiastic performer the The Dayton Dragons need you! They are having auditions on Saturday and it has nothing to do with baseball. You must register so go to the Dayton Dragons web site.

The Norman Rockwell show is opening on Saturday and I got to check it out at a preview. It is absolutely amazing….a MUST see. And when you go to the Dayton Art Institute’s web site you can see a little bit about it.

The Saturday night show at The Human Race is SOLD OUT and other performances are going fast. The show is CAROLINE OR CHANGE and it is superb. While they call it a 'musical,' it is 100% singing and the message communicated is a wow! Yes, it is the '60's (and some of the tunes will remind you of then) and while it ties in everything of the past, it is relevant today.

And finally, go to my website GreatDayton.com and you can see all the news I am doing!

Gotta go….Captain Charlie Campbell