What's Great in Dayton: December 23 - 29, 2011

Dec 23, 2011

I don’t think this will be a White Christmas….

But you can go ice skating. Head to downtown Dayton and the rink is in Riverscape. They’ve got hot chocolate, and outdoor fireplaces and you can check out the Miami River. Bring along your family, and friends to ice skate
the MetroParks Rink. Admission is $5 and includes the use of ice skates.

If you still need a couple of special gifts, go over to The Carillon Museum Store .  Lots of books about people and events here in Dayton, all kind of historical toys, neck ties, puzzles and more. And get this…in 1920 what was to become the National Football League were created and the Dayton Triangles were our professional football team. At the Carillon I bought some t-shirts and ballcaps saying The Dayton Triangles.

And then head over to the Dayton Art Institute….you need to see the Norman Rockwell show and at the end of that exhibit there are many items you can buy.  But don’t forget about the DAI store. Everything from jewelry to scarves to prints and it keeps on going.

I have already checked out some of the lights….the Clifton Mill is amazing….and the Woodland Lights in Centerville are a real nice tour…and in Oakwood they have put a tall tree on the porch of Hawthorne Hill (that’s the Wright Brothers house) and it looks elegant and understated.

Finally, go to my website GreatDayton.com and you can see much more news!

Gotta go….
Charlie, Ho HO HO, Campbell