What's Great in Dayton: December 2 - 8, 2011

Dec 2, 2011

Tonight is First Friday check it out at downtowndayton.org. There are lots of locations throughout downtown and the Oregon Arts District….entertainment, art demonstrations, live music and you will be hearing Rev. Cool’s Around The Fringe because a lot of places have dialed their radio to 91.3, WYSO.

There are two openings tonight and both artists will be there. At the Blue Sky Gallery, (on the courthouse Square across from KeyBank) is a new multi-media exhibition. The images presented are of a group of young people and it is called "I Can Only Speak in Silence"

And kitty-corner from that place on KeyBank Tower, is a gallery called the 510project.  The display is "Moneybags," which is the artist’s interpretation of the financial crisis. She said, when you carry a Moneybag there is no doubt, “you have money."

If you have a used musical instrument, like a clarinet, or a trumpet, or anything, then on Saturday you can donate it to the Dayton Philharmonic. Head on down to the 2nd Street Market,…..But don’t bother with an accordion…..I’m pretty sure the Dayton Phil will NOT accept that!

Natalie MacMaster is back for a very special holiday celebration. She is the award-winning fiddler and step-dancer and her band will be joined for this performance by a local children’s choir. Sunday, at 7:00pm.  www.cityfolk.org

And finally, go to my website GreatDayton.com and you can see all the news I am doing!

Gotta go….
Charlie, donate the accordions here, Campbell