VP Candidate Paul Ryan Speaks at Young's Dairy

Oct 28, 2012

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan speaks before a crowd at Young's Dairy.
Credit Wayne Baker
Democratic candidate for Congress, Sharen Neuhardt and former Governor Ted Strickland.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan made his way to the Miami Valley area over the weekend. The Wisconsin senator stopped just outside of Yellow Springs at Young's Jersey Dairy to speak.

Ryan's message to those who braved the cold and windy day centered on the economy, small business owners and foreign policy.

"President Obama wants the top tax rates on these kinds of successful businesses, small business like the one we are standing in, to go above 40 percent. For what? It doesn't even pay for 10 percent of all of his spending increases," Ryan said. "If borrowing and spending and regulating and money printing and taxing was the path to prosperity, we would be entering a golden age along with Greece."

Democrats countered Ryan's appearance with a visit to Yellow Springs by former Gov. Ted Strickland, who joined a group of Obama get out the vote canvassers in the village. He addressed Ryan's VP qualifications as volunteers prepared to go door-to-door.

"Well, I was in Danville, Kentucky for the vice presidential debate between Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan," Strickland said. "And Paul Ryan came across as immature, uninformed and a fellow who is hugely lacking in the kind of background and experience that would enable him to speak knowledgeably about foreign policy matters."

A Ryan campaign staffer estimated the crowd at Young's Jersey Dairy to be close to 2,000 people.