Voting in Clark County

Nov 2, 2010

At 7:30 this evening, Clark County polling places closed and precincts began to count votes. The county experienced good voter turnout today with no problems at the polls.

Absentee voting was down this year compared to the 2008 election. In Clark County over 8,000 people voted by absentee ballot. Board of Elections Director Mark Oster says that absentee voting results don't necessarily indicate who's going to win an election.

"We had three areas that had school issues on [the ballot], and we had a lot of absentees from those areas. So isn't exactly an overview of the whole county. So it's just a little hard to decipher anything from absentees," says Oster.

Cedar Cliff, Greenon and Tecumsah local school districts all had levies on today's ballot.