Vice President Focuses On Manufacturing At Ohio Campaign Stop

Jul 20, 2012

About 600 backers of President Obama gathered at a union hall in downtown Columbus yesterday to hear Vice President Joe Biden explain Ohio is adding manufacturing jobs now because of President Obama’s bold decision to bail out the American auto industry. Biden said the President has bet on Ohio and America and says it’s paying off with gains in manufacturing jobs. But when comes to betting on America, Biden said it’s fair to question Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s record at his financial firm, Bain Capital.

"So I honestly think it’s totally appropriate to judge whether he was a job creator and if he did create them, where did he create the jobs? I have to admit, after going into detail, he did create jobs. But they were in Singapore, China, India," says Biden.

Biden mocked Romney for being out of touch with Americans by having a swiss bank account and a tax shelter in the Cayman Islands. But Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said it’s too early to declare success in the auto industry. He said there are tens of thousands fewer jobs and the government is deeper in debt. Jindal said Romney would take a hard line with China, would have an energy policy that uses coal to make energy more affordable and available, and lower the corporate tax rate. Jindal said there’s one thing that would make Ohio’s manufacturing base stronger….create more jobs.