UD Looking Into Sanctions Against Students Participating in St. Patrick's Day Disturbance

Mar 19, 2013

Following Sunday's early morning disturbance of more than a thousand people on the University of Dayton campus, administrators say they are looking into a wide range of sanctions against students who participated.

According to UD officials, early morning St. Patrick's Day festivities gave way to riot-like conditions when a gathering of more than a thousand students began climbing on cars, throwing bottles and yelling at police who were responding to a false fire alarm.

No injuries were reported but 11 vehicles, including a police cruiser, were damaged, and Keifaber St. in what's known as the UD Ghetto was littered with broken beer bottles. 

"The behavior was deplorable," says Bill Fischer, vice-president for student development at UD.  "It was absolutely unacceptable.  It is counter to the university's mission.  It is not consistent with how we at the university teach our students and how we define community in terms of having a positive and productive learning and living community."

Fischer emphasized that the behavior of students in Sunday's incident did not represent the majority of UD students.  At least one male was arrested by an Ohio Liquor Control agent for underage drinking and public intoxication following the disturbance.  Five UD students also received university citations for not complying with police officers, and public safety officers cited 45 students through the university's student conduct system for violations ranging from underage possession of alcohol to disorderly behavior.  Fourteen of the 45 students also received court citations.  Sanctions could include a warning, probation or suspension.

University officials say they will continue to try and identify those students involved, and swift disciplinary action will follow.  The university will spend the next couple of months  deciding what additional sanctions will take place as a result of Sunday morning's episode.