Some State Officials Not Coming To Kasich State Of The State Speech

Feb 2, 2012

All of the members of the Ohio Supreme Court and all of the state’s top office holders are typically on hand at the Governor’s State of the State speech. But as Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports, this year is different.

For the first time in more than 100 years, the State of the State speech won’t be held in the Statehouse.  Governor Kasich will deliver that speech at a Steubenville school instead.  Public notice of the event was given less than 3 weeks in advance of the February 7th speech.  That wasn’t enough notice for the Ohio Supreme Court.  Nearly six months ago, it scheduled sessions for that day so none of the justices will be at the speech.

Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine won’t be there either due to family plans that were made long before the speech details were released.  Secretary of State Jon Husted won’t be there either due to multiple events scheduled in Clark County.

As far as state representatives and senators are concerned, most are expecting to attend.  They are expected to pay their own expenses but senators of both parties are being offered seats on a bus paid for with senate campaign funds.  A spokesman for Governor Kasich says he will be driven to Steubenville Monday, making a couple of stops along the way.