Skratchmatik Bring Turntable-ism to Cyclops Fest

Sep 12, 2013

Since their last visit to the WYSO studios Skratchmatik Turntable Crew has been staying busy and branching out from strictly "turntable-ist" gigs, using turntables as a band, to some club DJ gigs.  The members of Skratchmatik visited Kaleidoscope ahead of their performance at the Cyclops Festival for some live scratching on the air. They chatted with host Juliet Fromholt about the art of being a turntable-ist, perceptions of DJ in popular culture and different types.  They're also joined by Brian Johnson, one of the organizers of Cyclops Festival, who gives an overview of the event.

Skratchmatik perform at Cyclops Festival on Saturday, September 14th at the John Bryan Center in Yellow Springs.