Several Glitches Reported At The Polls

Nov 8, 2011

As usual, there are a few glitches and problems being reported on this election day. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports on some of them.

The robo-calls don’t stop till the polls close, and this one came to an Issue 2 opponent ….

“I’m calling to remind you that tomorrow is election day.”

The call, from the American Future Fund, urges the recipient to vote YES on Issues 2 and 3. A spokesperson for the PAC says the calls were made in error, and that the American Future Fund called back those who got the calls to remind them that election day is indeed today. Word of some isolated glitches across the state got around through Facebook and Twitter – and Secretary of State Jon Husted is appreciative of the quick information but is also cautious, “social media is not like one of your news reports – it’s not always factual.”

Husted says county boards of elections show many voters did cast early ballots, but he’s not sure the numbers of those who vote before election day are growing.

Voters in Montgomery County have experienced some long lines today at the polls. The Dayton Daily News reports that Montgomery County’s new electronic poll books caused some problems this morning. Board of Election Chief Steve Harsman said the problem affected 8 percent of the polling locations and he attributed it to the learning curve of some of the poll workers. He said there were also some issues with the machines booting up in the morning.