School Funding Projections Full Of Surprises

Feb 7, 2013

Last week, Governor Kasich unveiled his new school funding formula with a lot of fanfare but few details on what it would actually mean for districts. Now, districts are finding just how much they would get under the new formula. StateImpact Ohio’s Ida Lieszkovszky reports some people are surprised by the numbers.

This is how Kasich last week described how his plan would affect Ohio school districts.

 “If you are poor you’re going to get more, if you’re richer you’re going to get less.”

But that’s not always the case, according to the state’s the district by district projections. David Varda directs the Ohio Association of School Business Officials.

“There are some districts that would be classified wealthy that got very large increases and there are some districts that would be classified by anyone as poor that are getting no increases,” says Varda.

For example, Olentangy Local Schools – a wealthy district near Columbus - is projected to get a 331% increase next year. Meanwhile, Trimble Local Schools in rural Athens County won’t see any increase.

“I just think the way we thought of it after the presentation last week we thought it would have been the reverse,” says Varda.

The good news for all districts is the plan does not cut funding to any of them.

Locally, Dayton city schools will see nearly a 10% increase in the fiscal year beginning July 1. Springfield City schools can expect just over 4% in more funding and Yellow Springs, Beavercreek and Oakwood schools will see no increase.

You can find out how your school district will fare in this proposal through the state's funding spreadsheet.