Romney Focuses On Disaster Relief In Kettering

Oct 31, 2012

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney canceled campaign events Tuesday in Ohio, but he still made an appearance in Kettering. As Emily McCord reports for  WYSO, the focus was on disaster relief.

Mitt Romney at Trent Arena in Kettering
Credit Emily McCord / WYSO

Romney spoke briefly to a crowd of a couple thousand people at Trent Arena, many of whom brought canned goods and other items. In his remarks, there was no mention of politics or the election just a week away. Governor Romney thanked the people of Dayton and shared a story of his high school days where he and a group cleaned a football field one section at a time to get things done.

"And if everybody cleans their lane, why, we’ll get the job done. And so today, we’re cleaning one lane, if you will. We’re able to gather some goods for some people in our lane and we’re going to help them," says Romney.

The President has also suspended his campaign events to focus on storm relief, but is planning to return to the battleground state on Friday for an event in Springfield.