ReInvention Stories: Valerie & DeMarcus Calhoun

Nov 6, 2013

Valerie and DeMarcus Calhoun moved to Dayton from Montgomery, Alabama in August of 2011 and rented a home in South Park. Valerie is a civilian working for the Air Force at Wright Patterson.   She went to Troy University in Montgomery, Alabama - and while studying there, she joined a student fellowship program - working and training at the local air force base. After graduation, the Air Force offered her a job. She could move to Boston, or to Dayton. All she had to do was convince her husband, Demarcus.

This story was produced by Julia Reichert, Steve Bognar, and Sarah Buckingham. 

Since this interview, Valerie and Demarcus Calhoun have downsized a bit, leaving South Park for Grafton Hill.  Both of them are pursuing masters degrees. They don’t have a reason to leave the Dayton area, but Valerie and DeMarcus are still reinventing themselves - and they’re looking forward to starting a family.

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Originally posted April 24, 2013.