ReInvention Stories: Francisco & Maribel Arias-Hernandez

Jun 19, 2013

In the final installment of WYSO’s ReInvention Stories, we meet Francisco and Maribel Arias Hernandez. The couple came to the United States from Mexico in 1989.  They planned to earn money and go back but they ended up starting a family in Chicago, and they lived there for 15 years. Francisco and Maribel came to Dayton with their two sons to start a construction business - during a time when authorities were cracking down on undocumented workers, and immigrants in Southwest Ohio were living in fear.

This ReInvention Story was produced by Julia Reichert, Steve Bognar, Eric Risher, and Sarah Buckingham.

ReInvention Stories is brought to you by WYSO and Localore, a national initiative produced by AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio, Incorporated – in collaboration with Zeega- with financial support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.