Proposed Ice Rink Gets Closer to Completion in Springfield

Mar 6, 2013

A 12-year downtown ice rink project in Springfield is now in the final stages of completion. The city broke ground on the project this week.

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Trail and Parks District, Leann Costello, says the ice rink is the last part of the district’s $17 million, 10 year plan to revitalize Springfield and includes the Splash Zone Family Aquatic Center. She says the ice rink will be a major draw for families around the Clark County area.

"We have had a lot of positive input. There have been members of the community that have contacted us and said we're so excited to see something happening.They've been traveling to Dublin and Kettering as well as Troy for their ice sports," Costello said.

Costello says the ice rink will be an indoor facility that will host many events. 

"Skating lessons, hockey lessons, probably adding things like broomball. There would be special events that people could rent the ice for birthday parties, corporate parties, but also having available ice time for local teams. We've even had a curling team that's approached us about wanting to make their home here in Springfield," Costello said.  

Costello says the Park District's ice rink and other revitalization projects are being paid for by public and private financing, including a one-year, half-percent sales tax. 

After many different sites were considered, the ice rink will open in October, in downtown Springfield, between Main and High Streets.