President Obama and Others File Lawsuit Against Ohio

Jul 17, 2012

Democrats, along with President Obama’s re-election campaign, have filed a federal lawsuit against Ohio to try to reinstate the three days of early in person voting before Election day.

In 2008, 93 thousand Ohioans voted in Ohio in the three days before the election.  Since then, Republican lawmakers have wiped out the 3 day window for most Ohioans. Only military members and their families can now take advantage of that opportunity.  Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern says that’s not right.

"That’s what this case is all about; insuring all voters, every voter, has the same access to the polls," says Redfern.

The lawsuit contends, under federal law, voters cannot be treated differently.  But Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says it’s federal law that is responsible for that discrepancy to begin with.

"That was not established in Ohio law.  It was actually established in federal law that gives military families various advantages in extending access and ease in the way they cast ballots," says Husted.

Husted says the three in person early voting days before election day have not been in place for the last three elections in Ohio.