The Power and Politics of New Energy Frontiers

Oct 1, 2012

This week on the Sunday Documentary Hour, another installment of BURN: An Energy Journal. Earlier in this series we've heard about nuclear power and the hunt for oil. Now, BURN's host Alex Chadwick examines how, in this election season, a single person, place, or policy can – with a boost from science –   affect the nation’s search for greater energy independence. President Barack Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, share one broad policy goal – greater energy independence for the United States. But, they differ on how to achieve it.

In the next four years, the United States will have one fundamental energy policy challenge – how to make the country more self-sufficient. Here are stories about the next frontiers of energy development, the fields of exploration that may help the U.S. to produce more energy at home and import less from abroad.

That’s Sunday, October 7th at 6:oo PM, on the Sunday Documentary Hour.