Positive Indicators for State and Local Economies

Jan 21, 2013

Last week we reported that state officials saw the number of new business filings in Ohio as a positive sign of economic growth for the state.  Applications to do business in Ohio last year reached more than 88,000.  

Although most officials will tell you that the economy is far from where it needs to be in terms of a full recovery, business leaders say there are a number of positive signs for our state and local economies.  Jason Antonick is Manager of Business and Economic Development at Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Antonick says, "The unemployment rate has dramatically improved over the last two and a half years.  In August of 2010 Dayton’s unemployment rate was almost ten and a half percent.  So, fast-forward to November of 2012, and our unemployment rate is at six and a half percent.  And that six and a half percent is almost a full percentage point lower than the current national average.  So Ohio’s economy has recovered more quickly than many other mid-west states, and this has contributed to the second straight year of population increase in the state of Ohio."

Antonick adds that there are other positive indicators for our local economy as well, industries like the housing market, Education, and Healthcare are expanding and providing for new opportunities in the region.

"If you look at Healthcare, it’s phenomenal, you see it downtown.  Premiere Health Partners now occupies 110 North Main, almost fully occupying that building, and that’s great; the addition to Miami Valley Hospital, Kettering Health Network is improving,  Children’s Medical Center.  All of the places are expanding and improving."

Antonick contends that groups like the Chamber, the Dayton Development Coalition, the Downtown Dayton Partnership, and others, are working hard with businesses in all sectors to continue Dayton’s economic recovery.