PoliticsOhio: Early Voting Rules Could Determine Winner Of Ohio's Election

Aug 24, 2012

The rules surrounding Ohio’s Early voting has been front and center this week, after two Democratic Montgomery County Elections officials were suspended after they violated the directorate by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted that all Ohio’s 88 counties follow the same voting hours, with no mention of weekend hours.

Republicans say the extended hours creates problems for some Board of Elections in the state. Democrats say this will disenfranchise voters and could cause long lines at the polls.

Emily McCord speaks to Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles for this week's edition of PoliticsOhio. Ingles reports that potentially 170,000 people left voting lines in 2004, and the margin of victory for President George Bush was 118,00. She sets the scene for what implications early voting on the weekends, or the lack thereof, could have on the upcoming election.