Pawlenty stumps for Romney in Springfield

Jul 31, 2012

On Monday, Governor Tim Pawlenty attended the grand opening of the Clark County GOP headquarters.

In a room full of about 50 GOP supporters, volunteers, state and local politicians, Pawlenty talked about the reasons he felt President Obama doesn't deserve a second term.

"People with eyes open and mouths open, are just being taken in by his ability to give a good speech. But what we've learned is that if you don't have results the speech doesn't do much good does it?" Pawlenty asked the group of GOP supporters. "And the speech doesn't pay our mortgage or put gas in our cars or pay for our health insurance premiums does it? His fancy teleprompter speeches doesn't pay for our kids getting to college. So we need not just words but results, and his results are not very good."

Earlier in the day, Pawlenty stumped for Romney at the Dublin Pub in Dayton and he used that visit to highlight what he called Obama's broken promises, saying the President was all foam and no beer.

Pawlenty is considered by many to be a possible VP pick for Mitt Romney. He addressed that situation while in Springfield.

"Governor Romney is going to have a lot of great choices to pick from and you know it was not something I was looking for," Pawlenty said. "I think I can help him best in other ways, but if asked, anybody would be honored to be asked."