Ohio State Highway Patrol Wants to Set a New Record

Dec 21, 2011

There were one thousand and 80 people killed on Ohio’s roads last year.  That was more than in 2009 when a record low number of people died as a result of roadway accidents.  One thousand twenty two were killed that year. 

Ohio is on track to set a new modern day record this year.  The fatality count on the state’s roads right now is below one thousand.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to keep those numbers low.  So it’s going to have troopers on the roads, looking for unsafe driving. 

OVI task forces will be coordinating efforts with troopers to crack down on impaired driving.  Last year in Ohio, 39 people died in alcohol related crashes between Thanksgiving and New Years. 

If that number is lower this year, Ohio would reach a modern day record low in roadway fatalities in 2011.