Ohio House GOP to Divide Budget Plan into 10 Bills

Apr 12, 2012

Ohio House Republicans say they are dividing the governor's sweeping mid-biennium review into 10 separate measures that deal with specific issues. 

Gov. John Kasich's proposal would make a host of policy changes and agency updates outside of Ohio's normal two-year budget cycle. It's had a few hearings since it was introduced as one, roughly 2,800-page bill in mid-March.

House Speaker William Batchelder told reporters Thursday the proposal will be separated into topics on veterans' services, taxes, local government and others to give committees who deal with those issues the chance to review them.

Batchelder said he aims to have the bills passed before lawmakers take their summer break in May.

He said the bills would continue to exclude Kasich's income tax plan, which he said needs further analysis.