Obama, Romney Vie For Early Voters

Oct 3, 2012

The campaigns for the President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are busy this week as early voting begins. Emily McCord reports that both teams are launching bus tours and other efforts to get Ohioans to the polls.

If there’s any doubt to how competitive the race in Ohio is, listen to how Scott Jennings with the Romney campaign in Ohio talks about the Romney Ryan Early Vote express bus.

"I think we got a better bus because of the name that’s on the outside of it. We got a better ticket, a bigger bus and a better ground game."

He says it’s like a volunteer phone bank on wheels. That’s not all. He says they have thousands of volunteers knocking on doors to encourage voters to get to the polls, and to talk to undecided voters about why Mitt Romney should be elected.

"These people already know that we’ve got bad leadership in the White House and we’re going the wrong direction."

Michael Blake with the Obama campaign says "Mitt Romney and their policies have been throwing people under the bus."

Blake adds that the President has a big leg up on the ground game in Ohio. They’ve been here for over 4 years now.

"We never stopped organizing and our job right now is meeting people where they’re at and telling the people of Ohio that you have a really clear choice and that’s why we’re keeping people engaged."

Both sides note that this week is the only one where voters can register and vote at the same time before the deadline on October 9th.