New Funding to Help Homeless in Montgomery County

Mar 14, 2012

Funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development are providing some additional support for the homeless. WYSO’s Jerry Kenney has the details.

Nearly $700,000 dollars are coming to Montgomery County HUD agencies. Debbie Watts Robinson is CEO with Miami Valley Housing Opportunities.

MVHO received $325,000 in grant money – that will go towards the purchase of 12 housing units for single adults with disabilities.

Robinson says the MVHO has found "that when people have the stability of having housing that they can actually afford, that they do well. So, obviously, everybody doesn't, but our success rate is pretty high."

Additional monies have been awarded to the River Commons apartment complex, and MVHO subsidy programs for the homeless, and while Robinson says Montgomery County is "very fortunate because we do have shelters, and so people don't have to be outdoors," she adds, "we are always trying to find and provide for people in cost a effective way."

US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the grants are part of a federal initiative that awarded Ohio more than $9 million dollars awarded to 21 projects around the state.