Most Ohio US House members approve debt deal

Aug 2, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ohio's U.S. House delegation has voted 11-7 to give the government more borrowing power, with all five Democrats and two Ohio Republicans voting no.

The emergency legislation easily passed the House on Monday and is expected to clear the Senate on Tuesday.

In a statement explaining his no vote, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (koo-SIN'-ich) calls the bill "a fake solution to a phony crisis." Fellow northeast Ohio Democrat Marcia Fudge says the debt ceiling deal puts Medicare, Social Security and other programs at risk.

Among the yesses, eastern and southern Ohio Republican Bob Gibbs calls the legislation "a victory against the status quo of Washington," while Republican Steve LaTourette of northeast Ohio says it avoids default while forcing the government to cut spending, eliminate waste and move toward balanced budgets.