Miami Valley StoryCorps: Patricia Adams & Bryan Adams

Mar 24, 2011

“I’ll just take this child and put him in a little baby bed and he’ll just lay there and I can do my work, and then we had you. That wasn’t the way it worked out? No. You cried and fussed and carried on and you were way more work than I was prepared for.”

Patricia Adams is a legal assistant from Gahanna, Ohio. She came to StoryCorps to share stories about work. Patricia's son Bryan traveled all the way from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts to interview his mom. He wanted to hear about all the jobs she had before she took her favorite one – Mother.

This edition of Miami Valley StoryCorps was edited by Sehvilla Mann and posted to the web by David Neely. Click here to find out more about volunteering at WYSO.

(Originally broadcast January 5, 2011)