Miami Valley StoryCorps: Linda Burrs and Damien Burrs

Mar 16, 2011

"Some people are afraid of failure, some people are afraid of success. Regardless of what that fear is, it has been allowed to get in their way. So, whether we believe we can or we believe we can't, either way, we're right."

Dr. Linda Jackson Burrs has had a lifelong interest in how people overcome fear. She is a professor, consultant, and author of the book, "The Fruits of Inclusion." Burrs's uncle, Maceo Snipes, became the first person of color to vote in Taylor County, Georgia in 1946. Burrs was eager to tell her son, Damien Tyrone Burrs, how that event shaped her life.

Dr. Burrs's book, "The Fruits of Inclusion: A Smart Business Guide to Creating a Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Program," is available at Drburrs.com.

(Originally broadcast November 4, 2010)