Miami Valley StoryCorps: George Vlahos & Tom Ferratt

Apr 4, 2011

"I went to first grade for a month, maybe six weeks. The Italian Army invaded the village, therefore we were left without a teacher. Luckily, she left the textbook with us and so from that textbook my illiterate mother and I learned how to read."

George Vlahos taught for over 20 years at University of Dayton. He was instrumental in developing several new programs there, and at Eurkea College in Illinois. Vlahos has received many awards for his teaching, but getting his own education was a monumental struggle. He came to the StoryCorps booth to talk about that experience with his friend and colleague, UD Professor Tom Ferratt. Vlahos retired in 2001 and travels to his homeland frequently.

(Originally broadcast October 13, 2010)