Lovely Live on Kaleidoscope

Nov 14, 2013

Lovely: Dave Brandenburg, Chip Heck, Vinny Arceo, and Wendell Hensley
Credit Juliet Fromholt / WYSO

Although Lovely has only been around for about a year, Chip Heck, Vinny Arceo, Dave Brandenburg and Wendell Hensley have been playing music together in various bands and projects for nearly 10 years.  Now with their debut EP, Waitin' in Dayton, and new material in the works, the band is poised for writing, recording and live performance in 2014.  Lovely visited the WYSO studios for a live set on Kaleidoscope and chatted with host Juliet Fromholt about recording the EP, writing songs together and upcoming live gigs. 

Lovely's next show is Friday, November 15th at Blind Bob's.