Local Newspapers to Cease Publication

Jul 19, 2013

Three local newspapers will be shutdown as of August 9th – the Springboro Sun, the Kettering/Oakwood Times, and the Centerville/Washington Township Times. 

Michael Bush, CEO with Civitas Media, the company that owns the papers said in a statement that the newspapers “no longer fit their business model of providing news and information to predominately rural areas.” 

Bush also says the 12 employees affected by the closings have been offered other employment.

Adam Hughes with the Springboro Chamber of Commerce say the Springboro Sun was highly valued by their organization.

Hughes says “It’s a great tool for us to inform the community about news with the Chamber and with that paper going out, it’s a big blow to us.  It’s one of the tools we use for our member to promote any events or anything new going on with their business.”

According to Hughes, in just the last year, The Sun Newspaper went from being a free publication to costing a dollar.  That may have cost them some readership. He also believes the closing is part of the changing media landscape.

Springburo residents still have access to one other free publication – The Star Press from Miller Publishing.

Civitas Media, out of North Carolina still has more than 100 publications across 11 states.