Live on Kaleidoscope: Paige Beller

Sep 2, 2011

Paige Beller is a local singer songwriter who performs on her own and with indie punk band Jasper the Colossal. Earlier this summer, Beller released a new solo album called Don't You Dare and is already writing songs for the next album. Don't You Dare was recorded with Jason Gilmore (We Were Animals, Ed vs Radio) at his home studio which Beller says gave her a chance to hear her work objectively and allowed her songs to evolve.

Beller discusses songwriting and the differences between writing and performing as a solo artist and doing so as part of a band. In her acoustic set on Kaleidoscope she performs several songs from Don't You Dare and several new songs.


Paige Beller will perform her solo material and with Jasper the Colossal next weekend at Dayton Music Fest and the following weekend at Ladyfest Dayton.