Live on Excursions: The Relentless Mules

Jun 8, 2012

In this installment of Excursions, The Relentless Mules visit WYSO to share their energetic brand of Bluegrass.

Based in Columbus, the Relentless Mules have played all across the country bringing high quality Bluegrass wherever they go. Many of the band’s members grew up in the tradition of Bluegrass, and this quality comes across in their playing, as you can tell they all greatly enjoy the music they play as much as their audience does.

       With Caleb Powers on the Mandolin, Chris Stevens on the Bass, Daniel Phelps on Guitar, and Stephen Moller playing the Resonator Guitar, The Relentless Mules capture the classic high energy  drive of old Bluegrass while also bringing a technical mastery of their instruments that is simply delightful.

While chatting with Niki, The Relentless Mules talk about playing Bluegrass as opposed to other types of music, traveling the country, and playing in local jam sessions.

Performances include “The Blue Night”, “The Cottonwood Wagon” and more during this live session of Excursions on WYSO.