Live on Excursions: Meg Cavanaugh

Jul 14, 2010

Singer-Songwriter Meg Cavanaugh performed at the Songwriters Showcase at Canal Street Tavern with fellow Dayton-area natives Tod Weidner (Shrug, The Floods) and Chris Montgomery. Niki Dakota spoke with Cavanaugh the day of her performance about her new album, life in the UK, and how it feels to be back home.

Since leaving her Dayton home, Meg Cavanaugh has pursued both her love of music and theatre starring in Off-Broadway plays in New York and currently studying Shakespeare in London. This proves Niki Dakota's claim that "innovation, art, and invention just radiate from this part of the world." On being home in the Miami Valley, Cavanaugh remarks, "It's so nice to be surrounded by beautiful greenness… and it smells good."

Meg Cavanaugh performs two songs on Excursions, "Conspicuous" and "In Love," in-studio displaying her wonderful range from heartbreaking blues to uplifting folk. Her soon to be released album, The Musketeers Handbook, is being released under the Dayton-based label, "Smiling Handbook Records." She explains the album is about "fighting." "Fighting for your love, fighting for art, fighting for creation."

For more information on her new album visit www.myspace.com/megcavanaugh.